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Predictions vs. Probabilities

43 | ASEAN Unicorns

Korea's Growth and Hallyu

Divorces and Deteriorating Returns

The Land of Milk and Money

Emotions, Keeping up with the APAC, and Morris Chang

Dodgy DCF's and Social Capital

Narratives Not Numbers

Mentors and a Menace

Crisis investing and life outside it

Nintendo, Tencent, and Gaming in Asia

Losing, Losers, and Losses

Moats and Woes and My Plans

So You Want to Be a Fund Manager?

Stock Selection Frameworks and Masayoshi Son

Long Term Investing

Incentives, Decision Making, and Kerry Packer

Non-Investing book that changed the way you view investing?

Attributes of Great Investors

Emerging Market Investing and Dr Tan Chong Koay

Age and Experience, Feedback, and Elizabeth Gaines

Closet Indexing, My Information Diet, and Stripe

Athletes and Business, Career Advice, and Tim Urban

Losing Your Edge, Predictions, and Howard Marks

Portfolio Turnover, China's Growth and Indra Nooyi

Throwbacks, Stories, and Ann Miura-Ko

Bouncing Back, Obscure PDF’s, and Tyler Cowen

Investing as a Business, Creative Research, and Nadiem Makarim

Fishing, Pessimism, and Cheah Cheng Hye

Investor Fears, Airline Economics, and Jenny Lee

Suffering from Success, Professional vs Retail, and Zhang Lei

What’s the last 10/10 book you read?

Contradictions, Unforced Errors and Zhang Xin

Investor Mistakes, 1980's Japan, and Michael Kim

Position Sizing, Valuation Resources, and Tan Hooi Ling

Finding Investments and Tony Fernandes

Investors Changing, Golf, and Sarah Tavel

Contrarians, Specialist or Generalist, and John Buchanan

Delayed Gratification, Multibaggers, and Daniel Ek

The Ultimate Guide to Short Selling and Melanie Perkins

Best Piece of Content on the Internet at Least Five Years Old?

6 | Market Commentary, Questions to Understand Companies, and Danny Meyer

AWS, DoorDash, Multi-Disciplinary Thinking, and Patrick Collison

Frank Slootman, Lifelong Wisdom, and Sam Zell

Japan's Business Longevity, What Would John Malone Do, and Li Ka-Shing

Best Article You Read Online This Year? (2020)