As you may or may not know, I own/run/edit the


Compounding Curiosity is a podcast all about compounding listeners' curiosity, through thoughtful interviews centred around business and investing within Asia-Pacific.

So I’m branching out and offering editing to services to those who need it!

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Premium, personalized, podcast production

I'll produce and edit your podcast, leaving you to focus on the content.

Why have your podcast edited?

As a podcaster myself, I know how challenging the podcast process can be. And when you’re running a business, podcast editing should be the least of your worries, which is where I come in. You send your podcast and I'll edit it for you. It’s that easy.

Why choose me to edit your podcasts?

me and the missus in Osaka

Compounding Curiosity is a one-man band. I do it all. The interview prep, the interview itself and recording, the editing, the transcripts and episode details, and the publishing. Over 60 episodes in and receiving great feedback.

I’ve also previously worked with Invest Like the Best as a Pioneer1, so I understand the hard work required to be a great podcast.

I’m extremely bullish on podcasting as a medium. You’re able to engage your audience in ways that aren’t possible through other platforms. You’ll also have a tonne of fun while doing it! It’s a pretty sweet deal.

If you're looking to partner with someone for your podcast who is passionate, skilled, and dedicated to helping you create the best possible audio content, look no further.


I charge monthly for edits2, but happy to do one-off edits for you if you need something in a pinch.

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Funny job title I know, but I assisted with content creation for episodes like show notes and related links, looked over and edited transcripts, had input on guest selection, episode topics, and got early access to episodes! Overall was a great opportunity to improve as I created new content from the podcast episodes.


Note: all prices listed are in USD