Really like the tidbits that you mention about your personal life, really adds a flavour to your newsletter and makes us readers feel more involved in your journey!

Would love to just catchup sometime and just get to know more about your experiences and get some tips on navigating life and newsletters.

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hey Rajan! Appreciate that comment! I always just assumed it detracted from the email and drove readers away! haha, but it's therapeutic for me so I keep doing it

Would also love to as well mate! Based in Perth but constantly bouncing around, just sent you a connection on LinkedIn. And stoked so have found your newsletter! You've shared some great reads. Just devoured that vertical farming one. I'm a green thumb at heart so anything that combines gardening, tech and business gets me excited!

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May 15, 2023·edited May 15, 2023Liked by Kalani Scarrott

Wonderful!! Will share more such great reads!! Subscribed to your newsletter :).

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